Maweni - Supporting mothers and children in Kenya

We support the DREAM program for HIV-infected mothers in several health centres in Kenya (Tunyai, Nchiru and Chakariga). The treatment provided by the DREAM Program keeps the HIV virus from passing on to the foetus. We are also helping HIV-infected children in the children's village of Nchiru (Kenya).

2018 we were among the winners of the Google.org Impact Challenge in the category for local projects.
Many thanks to all our supporters in the competition. With the prize money of 20000 € we can now realize the following: In order to achieve a stable power supply in the health center of Chakariga with about 200 HIV patients, we would like to purchase a photovoltaic system there. Computers should facilitate the collection of patient and laboratory data there. The possibilities offered by the new computers and stable internet access will allow telemedicine to be realized and the HIV center Chakariga to be networked with other HIV centers. There may be technical exchange or the center may participate in e-learning training sessions. This would benefit both the center's patients and those of other centers.

Greetings from Chakariga

Mother and children from the project
A visit to Kenya in December 2017
Here you can see more photos from the project in Kenya

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